Here Is What’s Happening In Our Class Week Of December 5- December 9

Student will be testing in all subject areas the week of December 12-16.

The ELA test will be administered on Monday, December 12 and Tuesday, December 13.

Students who need to make up assignments or need additional assignments to improve their grade, will be given class time to complete any missed work. Since each class will be 105 minutes, students will have enough time to complete several assignments each day.

Please encourage your child to work on completing ANY missed assignments


Daily practice with intensive and reflexive pronouns, vocabulary in context, and main idea


  • Reteach/review getting meaning from context
  • Preview chapter 3 of class novel/Make predictions (students work independently and in groups)
  • Introduce new vocabulary present in chapter 3 of class novel (complete exercise)
  • Homework: context clues exercise


  • Exercise using context clues to determine word meaning
  • Read chapter 3 and take notes/annotate the text using two column notes
  • (Identify main idea, author’s purpose, writer’s craft/strategies, etc.)
  • Use notes in group discussions and written exercises


  • Reteach/review sentence structure(compound and complex sentences)
  • Exercise on complex and compound sentences
  • Continue to read chapter 3 and take notes/annotate the text using two column notes
  • Use notes in group discussion and written exercises
  • Homework: sentence structure


Finish reading chapter 3

Students work in groups on the following:

  • Identify the author’s purpose and main idea(s) in the chapter
  • State any lesson(s) learned from information in the chapter
  • Consider tone and mood and impact on the message


  • Complete written response using  information from the week’s notes
  • Complete exercise on sentence structure, context clues and intensive and reflexive pronouns






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