Here Is What’s Happening In Our Class Week Of January 30- February 3

This week we will continue to practice unpacking a variety of prompts to ensure that all students will be proficient knowing what the prompts want them to do.


  • Pronouns
  • Transition words and phrases
  • Mock Milestone extended response
  • Common Assessment
  • Reading to respond to literature (using the text as supporting evidence)



South Cobb Rotary Essay Contest Information- (Required of ALL students)

Monthly book reports are due on Tuesday, January 31. All reports should be posted on your Biblionasium account.  (Required of ALL students)


Monday: Students will work in pairs and or groups to…

  • Isolate key parts of a prompt
  • Rewrite the question in their own words if needed
  • Rewrite the question in a statement
  • Write the first sentence as if they are writing an introductory sentence in response to the prompt

Brainstorm ideas for the South Cobb Rotary Club essay contest.


  • Take Common assessment on unpacking writing prompts
  • Read paired text, unpack the prompt and answer written response questions

Wednesday and Thursday:

Read and respond to literature using evidence from the text to support the answer

Use appropriate transitions in constructed and extended responses



Mock Milestone extended response








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