ELA Spring Break Packet

Students enjoy your Spring Break, but leave some time to stay on top of your ELA skills as the Milestone EOG approaches you quickly.

I have selected a variety of skills for you to practice to help you continue to prepare for the Milestone EOG. Dedicating just a few minutes a day will help you towards being successful on the Reading and Writing sections of the Milestone EOG for ELA.

You received a Pronoun packet in school on Friday, March 31, 2017 for you to read and work through and complete the exercises after each lesson. You will also have assignments online. You should plan to practice on the online lessons each day for at least 20-40 minutes each day. Go to the website, login go to the lessons under Mrs. Dabrio– “Spring Break Packet”, with the exception of Read Theory, it will select reading passages and response based on the score you achieve on the Pre-Test.

The assignments and the grade you achieve on each practice will be sent to my email. You must achieve at least 80% to be considered proficient on each practice. Read all of the directions and passages carefully. Do your best!


USA Test Prep


lohin: lunch number

password: garrett

Study Island

login: lunch number

password: garrett

Read Theory — http://www.ReadTheory.org/auth/login

Login: look on the sticky note given to you in class (your first name last initial and a number)

password: MrsDabrioELA2017


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