Independent Reading

Independent Reading Information: Minimum of two (2) book reports each month

Book Review- Complete after reading the book.


First Paragraph- Summary

I read (title of the book) by (author)

In this text (book summary)-If the text was fiction, include information about the setting, plot, character and theme. But don’t give away the end of the book. If the text was informational text, include information about the topic.

Second Paragraph- Text Structure/Author’s Craft

I noticed (describe for fiction and informational text how the text is organized, and things you noticed about the author’s word choice, use of language, or writing style.)

Third Paragraph-Other Good Reader Habits

Reading this book made me think about/wonder/connect to (choose one or two entries from the reviewer’s notes section of your during blog post page.

  • The most interesting/funniest/scariest          scene was … because …
  • A connection I have is         …        which helps me understand that …
  • This part of the book reminds me of ( other     text, movie) because … which helps             me        understand that …
  • A character I identify with/don’t understand is …             because …
  • Something I learned about the world by reading this book is … which seems important because …

Fourth Paragraph- Final thoughts

I would give this book 1/2/3/4 stars because (be sure to provide clear reasons and cite specific evidence from the text to support your opinion.


Book report model 

Jeffrey W period 5
I am read the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. This story is about four kids in one family called the Herdsman, causing a lot of trouble.
This is a pretty funny book. The funny scene I think is the best was when the Herdsman burned down the house then took all the donuts. That scene reminds me when my friend’s oven caught on fire and they had to move out of those apartments.

The author used a lot of writing techniques and strategies that we learned in class that I will use in my own writing to make my writing better. In chapter 1 she used visual imagery. She painted a picture with words for me to see exactly what was going on in the classroom during show and tell. When she said the girl was breathing hard as if she was about to have an asthma attack, I laughed out loud because I actually saw it in my mind. When she used onomatopoeia and actions in the last chapter to show the sounds and actions of the fire engine and people at church that was really good too.
If I would rate this book I would give it 5 stars.  I would give it 5 stars because the Herdsman were very bad. They smoked cigars, stole, and brought a killer animals to school, but then they thought about it and went to church and changed. And…I know a lot of people that were bad and never ever changed. Also I would give this book 5 stars because this is the best Christmas book I read yet.

Quick, go to your school library or to your local neighborhood library and pick up a copy. If they don’t have go to the book store and grab a copy. It will be worth every penny you spend for it. I promise.